All These People Can’t Be Wrong


 Hundreds of Thunder Bay and area residents have replaced their 13-litre water-guzzling toilets with a water-saving dual flush Caroma toilet from Axel’s Water & Plumbing Center, North West Ontario’s leading Caroma toilet dealer, as per Caroma Representative. Here is what some of these customers have to say about the Caroma toilets. (Original testimonials with name, address, signature and permission to reprint on file at Axel’s Water & Plumbing Center, 107 May Street South, Thunder Bay, ON, as per Canadian law.)

  • Mr. Gary K., Thunder Bay, ON, bought three Caroma Sydney #305 toilets at Axel’s. He is also recommending them to his colleagues at work, with success, because many of his co-workers also bought a Caroma toilet at Axel’s. He left this testimonial with us, “Axel, I bought three Caroma toilets from you and have installed already two of them. My wife and I are very pleased with their performance. We like the way they flush and the quiet refill. I’m glad that we bought the Caroma from you. I also liked the way you answered all my questions. It’s nice to deal with a professional who renders good service at great prices. Keep up the good work.”
  •  Mr. Peter H., Thunder Bay, ON, was so thrilled with his new Caroma toilet, that he bought a second one and gave Axel’s this comment in writing, “I found the Caroma toilet to be trouble free and a great saver on water. I would recommend this toilet highly. Also, I found the service here at Axel’s Water & Plumbing second to none.”
  •  Mrs. Lori M., Thunder Bay, ON, gave us this statement in writing, after having two Caroma Sydney #305 dual-flush water saver toilets installed in her five-person family home, “The Caroma dual-flush toilets have exceeded our expectations for performance and water savings in our home.”
  •  Mr. Abraham D., Thunder Bay, ON, who bought also a Caroma water-saving dual flush toilet from Axel’s Water & Plumbing Center has his toilet connected to a septic field within the city limits, gave this opinion in writing, “We heard good things about potential for reduced water load on a septic field. The unit also looks great and is quite comfortable.”
  •  Mr. Dan W., Thunder Bay, ON, a retired High School science teacher researched the Caroma Sydney #305 toilets very well before buying his first and soon bought a second one. His Caroma toilets are connected to a well and septic system. He gave us this testimonial, “I bought a Caroma toilet and was so pleased with the flushing action I bought another one soon after! The service at Axel’s Water & Plumbing Center was great.”
  •  Mr. Kelly and Mrs. Gail McC., Oliver-Paipoonge, ON, live outside of Thunder Bay with a well and septic system. They replaced three of their water-guzzling toilets with the Caroma Sydney #305. Here is their comment, “In addition to being able to deal locally we were extremely happy with the quality workmanship and cheerful service.”
  •  Mr. Dean C., Thunder Bay, ON, who has installed a water-saving dual flush Caroma Sydney #305 in his family home was so thrilled that he wrote these lines, “We recently purchased a Caroma toilet from Axel’s Water & Plumbing after some research online about performance of dual flush toilets. The Caroma works very well and exceeds my expectations. The flush is very powerful and solids can often be flushed by using the half-flush button. The bowl is easy to clean and the style complimented our newly renovated bathroom. I only wish I had learned about the Caroma before I purchased a Toto toilet for another bathroom in the house.”
  •  Mr. William J., Thunder Bay, ON, after he upgraded the washrooms at several of his residences with  Caroma Sydney #305 dual-flush water-saver toilets, left us this written note, “The dual flush Caroma toilet was just what we were looking for. We wanted to reduce sewage volume at our summer cottage and the feature works well. The bonus is the 4″ trap. Now I can put the plunger away. The (Caroma) toilet is so good that I am taking one to my home in Florida.” That’s exactly what he did. He bought another Caroma Sydney #305 at Axel’s and, as a special bonus, got the matching removable click-out seat for free – a $49 value
  •  Mr. Martin P., Thunder Bay, ON, was so excited about his two Caroma toilets which he had bought, he left this note with us, “We liked our first Caroma so much, we bought a second one for our downstairs bathroom. Why would we pay more for a product that uses more water? And a lifetime warranty on the mechanism tells me they (Caroma) stand behind their product. Did I mention unpluggable trap? Works great.”
  •  Ms. Sheila H., Thunder Bay, ON, operates a group home. She wanted toilets that not only save water but also are not prone to get plugged that easily. She bought two Caroma Sydney #305 toilets at Axel’s and wrote this comment, “Regarding Caroma toilet: Finally I have found a toilet that my group home clients cannot plug. Thank you, Axel for the excellent and prompt service.”
  •  Mr. Grant S., Thunder Bay, ON, liked his recently installed two Caroma toilets so much, he wrote these lines about the Caroma toilets and Axel’s Water & Plumbing Center, “Very impressed with products, help and service. I should have installed a Caroma years ago.”
  •  Mr. Robert W., RR #13, Thunder Bay, ON, has a septic field. To reduce the water flow he purchased first one Caroma but, soon opted for a second one, as he tells us, “I liked the Caroma toilet so much I bought a second one for my other bathroom.”

With so many satisfied and happy customers it is no surprise that Axel’s Water & Plumbing Center has become the leading Caroma toilet dealer in North West Ontario (as per Caroma Representative).

 Isn’t it time you stop flushing your money down the toilet and replace it with a Caroma dual flush water-saver toilet from Axel’s Water & Plumbing Center? Be smart, get one at this low price while you can. Rush in, today, and save on your water bills for years to come.