Trade Secrets Revealed

Did you ever wonder if a $99-toilet is as good and works as well as a $350-toilet? Is there really a difference, other than price?


Trade Secret #1:

Bigger is better! Most $99-toilets have only a trap-way of 2 to 2.5 inches. A $350-Caroma toilet has a 4″trap-way and can easily flush a 4″ potato. Check it out on youtube.

Children of a certain age tend to plug syphon toilets with trap-ways of 2.5″ or less. Lengthy tests have shown they are virtually unable to plug a Caroma toilet.

$99-toilets have been tested to flush down about 400 grams of solid waste. For larger quantities, the $99-toilets have to flush several times. Where are the water savings with them? Caroma toilets have been tested and certified to flush down up to 1,000 grams of solids with one flush.

In general, a Caroma dual-flush water-saver toilet will save you $100 on your city water bill and pays for itself in less than four years. During the typical lifetime (20 years) of a Caroma toilet, you’ll save about $2,000 on city water.


Trade Secret #2:

There is no free lunch! Lift a $99-toilet and lift a $350 Australian-designed Caroma toilet. Yes, there is a huge difference. How do they get the air bubbles into the ceramics of the $99-toilet? Probably, the same way a certain chocolate bar gets its air bubbles.


Trade Secret #3:

You get what you pay for! There are toilets where you have the feeling that you are sitting on the floor and others are high and comfortable. An economy car for $15,000 will bring you to Vancouver; so does a $50,000 full-size car. The difference in performance and comfort. Always remember: You get what you pay for!

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